So where is Lake Anna and what is there to do there?

Many of you know that we have our beach home in Ocean City, Maryland, but I am not sure how many of you are also aware we have a lake home at Lake Anna in Virginia. Being that I handle the booking and rentals of both as well as the websites and Facebook pages I just can’t at this time find time to run two blogs sites, so even though this blog is mostly on our Ocean City, Maryland vacation rental home Seeley’s OC Sandcastle, I also want to offer insight and information on Lake Anna as well as our vacation rental home, Kindred Spirits at Childs Cove. Photo below is the view off our dock.

View of Lake Anna from our home Kindred Spirits at Childs Cove

To start off I will tell you about the lake and area and why you should check it out! (You really should!) It is still a little known secret in Virginia that is starting to expand. So if you like water fun, a large lake to cruise, fishing galore, family memories, relaxtion, sunsets, nature and more beyond belief, then Lake Anna should be on your list of places to visit and stay.

So you ask, just where is Lake Anna and what is there to do there?

Lake Anna is the second largest freshwater lake in Virginia. It encompasses over 13,000 acres. Three counties are part of the lake and it has a public (cold side) and private (warm side). It is also known for its bass fishing, long season for water fun, a beautiful State Park and just plain relaxation for families for great vacations. Here is more information listed with Wikipedia on the lake itself. Doesn’t the sunset just look wonderful?

Lake Anna Sunset

We have been coming to Lake Anna since the spring of 2003. Specifically Mother’s Day 2003. Randy heard on public radio about Lake Anna and the wonderful area and properties there. We decided to take an over night trip to visit the area and check it out. It was my first Mother’s Day and we spent it driving around looking at lots and properties and enjoying the sights. We had been going to Deep Creek Maryland for vacations, but it was getting crowded and with us having a jet ski, hours to operate such on weekend or holidays were limited. We found Lake Anna Virginia and have never looked back. I would say it was probably what Deep Creek was 30 years or so. Still quiet, still ma and pa places and still a vast amount of land and water to cruise around on. It is changing some, but the lake is so huge I can’t imagine it getting as crowded on the waters at Lake Anna as Deep Creek can. It is also warmer waters because it isn’t in the mountains and because of the Power Plant. It is still quaint, friendly and a place you can truly relax when vacationing. I have nothing against Deep Creek Maryland, I just love Lake Anna Virginia.

The Boys on Lake Anna Playing Around

The Boys on Lake Anna Playing Around

Our home Kindred Spirits at Childs Cove is on the public side (Cold side), now note cold side still means in the month of May you can be swimming, tubing and water skiing in the water with out a wet suit. The cold side is the larger side, the commercial side so it also has the marinas and water front access to restaurants by boat. Currently there is Lake View Restaurant and the No-Wake Zone and The Anna Cabana Restaurant. A new boardwalk area near Stonewall Estates is being built which is to have water dining as well. There are some other new places that opened end of 2010 and 2011 and they are Ally’s Restaurant, Asian Grille, Lake Anna Island Mocha Coffee Shop and Chicken Neckers (Which is in the process of expanding).

Kindred Spirits at Childs Cove

Kindred Spirits of Childs Cove - View of House

If you check out my website Kindred Spirits at Childs Cove you will also see links to many more places and things to do in the area. Lake Anna is not far from Williamsburg, Washington D.C., Fredericksburg, Monticello, Richmond and Culpepper. We have had guests that just stay a week for a vacation on the lake as well as those that like to travel from the point of where our home is to these other venues. My personal site also has links on the index and links page as well for these places to see.

Kindred Spirits at Childs Cove view from Lake Anna

Kindred Spirits at Childs Cove - View from Lake Anna

I have also added below some great links for more information on Lake Anna Virginia and the area. One is a magaize, one a video and one a link to a site that offers a lot of local information on what is going on at the lake.

Lake Anna Life Magazine (Flipbook of the magazine)

Lake Anna Business Partnership (Video of the area)

Lake Anna Buzz (A site for on going thing at Lake Anna)

Kindred Spirits at Childs Cove Dock area

Dock area of Kindred Spirits at Childs Cove

Well I hope one day you can come out and visit Lake Anna. It is truly a fun vacation to share with family and friends.  If you come out to visit our home I am certain you will not only relax, but find a lot of wild life, quiet time and water fun!

Beach Fun at Kindred Spirits at Childs Cove

Beach fun at Kindred Spirits at Childs Cove

I have also added two recipe links and some links to something different that might interest you as well. Have a nice weekend.


Tiramisu Recipe: Yes to all that know me this is close to the home made one I use when in the mood to make such. My family really, really loves this so it is when I really, really love them I will make it. My husband loves Tiramisu so much, when getting samples for our wedding cake many many years ago I happened to bring a piece of Tiramisu from the bakery just for him to enjoy. No, not to just enjoy in Randy’s eyes, was a must for our wedding cake. If you know anything about Tiramisu it isn’t a cake to stack and leave out pretty while the wedding party was going on. Well we did have Tiramisu for our wedding cake because I made a fake fondant cake to repesent one for us to cut into one. The Tiramisu was a delicious cake for our wedding. The staff only had to keep it chilled and marked in the kitchen so it was even cheaper to do. Now that was the part I liked. Cost cutting for a wedding.

In my February 2011 Southern Living Magazine, there was an article called “Bushel of Fun in the Lowcountry” It was about steaming oysters and some recipes for having such event. We love steamed oysters and enjoyed the article. When I looked up the link I found even more recipes. Here is the link for some additional seafood recipes Lowcountry Oyster Roast Made Easy.

Well if you didn’t know, my family is involed with the Carroll County 4-H and in particular we raise chickens. We have 11 chickens and it is an assortment of breeds. Four of our birds are regualr size hens and we get about three brown eggs a day from the girls (One is over the laying age, but lives a good retired life just hanging around-No oven stuffer roasters here!) The other birds are Silkies and four of them are hens as well. They lay little cream eggs and usually want to sit on them to hatch out. They always want to be mumas. I am asked can you eat their eggs too and the answer is certainly. About two of their eggs equal one of my regular size hens eggs. Anyhow it is something we enjoy to do and is something Colby really likes to participate in.

The reason I mention this is I was reading my March 2011 Country Living Magazine and found an article regarding The Haycation. It is where farmers are opening up their barn doors to overnight guests to spend a weekend there with their family. Here is the link to  in case it would interest anyone. Sounds like fun and sounded like a nice thing to do if your children aren’t able to try out the farm life or the raising of farm animals (Pets in our case since they all have names and are spoiled rotten with heat lamps in the winter) Also in my September 2010 Southern Living magazine was a travel article as well on “Escape to a Secret Farm Hideaway”. Here are some links for that as well. To find a farm stay near you check the links or these farms, Serenbe Farms and Bucks and Spurs Guest Ranch. Not sure if I could talk Randy into such, but it looks like a fun family thing to try as well.

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