Ocean City MD and Lake Anna VA the past few weeks

Well trying to blog today from my smart phone while sitting on the Ocean City beach. Had a board meeting this weekend and while doing that as well as getting ready for rental season at 4:30 pm Sunday we are finally getting toes in the sand. A beautiful sunny afternoon for Mother’s Day and a quiet and wonderful time to watch and smell the ocean.

If you check out my Seeley’s OC Sandcastle Facebook page you will see some of the photos of the new color exterior painting of Sandpiper Dunes to be completed May 2011 and of the family. Yes Colby is growing and Randy and I are getting younger with age (Don’t laugh too hard)

There are also some photos of the Sunrise at different locations on our early morning ride Saturday to the beach to make it by 8am for a board meeting as well as Sunsets at two of our favorite restaurants (Fager’s Island and The Hobbit). Please note doing this with the smart phone is hard to review and type easily so I will be brief and try to update from my computer some time this weekend with more links to the restaurants and photos right on the blog. 

I also know I have not blogged in a few weeks and owe some new recipes, but we have been pretty busy (as usual this time of year) getting ready for rental season for both homes. I hope to get such done in the next couple of weeks as well. I can’t believe Memorial Day is right around the bend and the true start of Summer is to begin. Hurray Hurray. Done with this chilly and wet spring.

For our home updates the main spring lake project was rebuilding the porch at the front door and the beach has been going through a face lift which caused all the balcony items to be kept inside our home for most of the off season. So we are really glad the refurb is almost completed.

Well have a good one and will catch up soon.


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